Friday's Action

Figgy Pudding Carolers, Velocity's Nextfest NW, and more.


Next Fest NW

Dancers frequently try to defy gravity, but the performers in Renee Rhodes' pixilated short Don Quixote have a little assistance from film editing as they hover above the ground, skimming across the landscape in her dance film about the literary and balletic character. Matt Reeves' sprightly performance as the Don is reminiscent of a golden youth rather than Cervantes' careworn quester, bobbing and weaving with his two dryads. Rhodes' work is part of a late-night dance film showcase (including Gaelen Hanson's sinuous Your Lights Are Out or Burning Badly, pictured, and Karn Junkinsmith's whimsical Day Off), which is only half of Velocity's Next Fest. Come early for the live show, featuring Paige Barnes, Jessica Jobaris, and Selfick Ng- Simancas, then stay for movie night. Velocity MainSpace Theater, 915 E. Pine St., 2nd floor, 206-325-8773, www.velocity $10–$15, pass $20. 8 p.m. live performance, 10:30 p.m. dance films. Also Sat., Dec. 2. SANDRA KURTZ


Figgy Pudding

Forty-plus caroling teams are warming their pipes and practicing (or not) for the Great Figgy Pudding Corner Caroling Competition, which celebrates its 20th year of competitive holiday cheer and goodwill. Teams from dancing attorneys to Von Trapp Family wanna-bes will compete in this fund-raiser for the Pike Market Senior Center and Downtown Food Bank. Prizes are awarded for collecting the most donations, best choral performance, most creative team, and people's choice. Watch for the LLEW Crew, John Llewellyn's extended family, which has participated for 18 years. They rehearse three or four times, including at Thanksgiving dinner, where they put the final touches on their signature songs: a rock "Silent Night," a reggae "Deck the Halls," and a hand jive of "Up on the Rooftop." Westlake Center and Pine Street, from Third to Seventh Avenue. 6–8:30 p.m. JOANNE GARRETT

City Life

Passion for Mashin'

Matt Jones and Gasworks Gallery have already created big buzz about their monthly Passion for Mashin' parties, where cliques mix and huge quantities of potatoes and storable food are collected for Northwest Harvest. See what the fuss is all about at this annual rockin' holiday party, where you can celebrate the—yep—90,000 pounds of potatoes that will later be donated. The shindig is also to raise awareness for Jones' grassroots community project Wine, music, and art will be on hand to make you feel even more warm and fuzzy. "You'd think if you offer free food and unlimited wine, you'd tap into some weirdos," says Jones, "but so far that hasn't happened. The parties draw an eclectic group, a really nice crowd . . . lots of art appreciators and artists." Your entrée for the mashin' bash? Just a bag of potatoes or a nonperishable food donation. Gasworks Gallery, 3815 Fourth Ave. N.E. Free. 8–11 p.m. MOLLY LORI


Lenin in Lights

Glasnost comes to Fremont (and only Fremont), where the 18-foot statue of fallen dictator Lenin will be rehabilitated and illuminated with Christmas lights. John Keister (from the well-remembered sketch comedy show Almost Live) will handle the countdown to the flipping of the switch; the Yellow Hat Band will provide live music; PCC will offer hot cider; and Santa will offer his cheer. After the lighting, stick around for a benefit for nonprofit arts in Fremont, hosted by the Fremont Abbey Arts Center and the Fremont Arts Council. Corner of Fremont Place North and North 36th Street. 206-632-1500, 5 p.m. JOANNE GARRETT

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