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Lectures and Events

Joe Bar Book Party Celebrate the eatery/gallery's three-year anniversary at the release party for "Joe Bar: As Curated by Jess Van Nostrand." Also: Rickie Wolfe's "Shapes and Navigations" wood panels and experimental works. 6-9 p.m. Sat. Dec. 2. 810 E. Roy St., 324-0407. "Shapes" ends Nov. 30.

Gage Drawing Jam The Academy of Art's Eighth Annual Jam is a half-day community celebration/collaboration with music, art, and food. Also: "Gage Alumni Show." Sat. Dec. 2. Gage Academy of Art, 1501 10th Ave. E. #101, 526-2787. $10/Free for children and teens. "Alumni" ends Jan. 20.

Ron Ho A gallery talk, slide show, and book signing by the jewelry artist to kick off the "Kobo Jewels" exhibit. 4:30-5:30 p.m. Reception: 6-8 p.m. Sat. Dec. 2. HIGO, 604 S. Jackson St., 381-3000.

Subhankar Banerjee The photographer gives a lecture titled "America's Arctic—Is it for Sale?" while showing his recent images from that area. 7 p.m. Thurs. Nov. 30. Kane Hall at UW, N.E. 45th St. and 15th Ave. N.E.

Youth in Focus A nonprofit that empowers urban teens through photography, YIF gave their students cameras and told them to capture their own here-and-now. Check out what the kids came up with at the opening Reception: 5-7 p.m. Thurs. Nov. 30. Also: "Essential Seattle" and "Picturing the Century," images and artifacts of local history and photos from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Museum of History and Industry, 2700 24th Ave. E., 324-1126. Ends Dec. 17.


Baas Five gallery artists exhibit new paintings and small format prints. Sat. Dec. 2. 2703 E. Madison St., 324-4742. Ends Jan. 13.

Belle & Wissell "Beasts," an exhibit of "mythological menagerie" to coincide with the Fantagraphics bookstore/gallery opening today (SEE WIRE). Reception: 5-8 p.m. Sat. Dec. 2. 6014 12th Ave. S., 322-7908. Ends Feb. 17.

Benham Gallery Photographers Phil Borges and Luis Delgado exhibit "a visual commentary on culture, power, poverty, torture, perseverance, and exceptional heroes." Reception: 6-8 p.m. Thurs. Dec. 7. 1216 First Ave., 622-2480. Ends Dec. 23.

Bluebottle Robots, robots, and more robots from illustrator R. Nicholas Kuszyk. Fri. Dec. 1. Reception: 6-8 p.m. Sat. Dec. 2. 415 E. Pine St., 325-1592. Ends Dec. 30.

Frame Up Studios "Not So Stories," Beatrice Billard's painterly interpretations of folk and "cautionary" tales from around the world. Reception: 6-9 p.m. Fri. Dec. 1. 3515 Fremont Ave. N, 547-4657. Ends Dec. 31.

Howard House Dan Webb's carved wood sculpture and photography. Thurs. Nov. 30. Artist Talk: noon, Sat. Dec. 2. 604 Second Ave., 256-6399. Ends Jan. 13.

Nordic Heritage Museum Paintings and prints from Norwegian artists interpret Henrik Ibsen's plays in honor of the 100th anniversary of his death. Also: "Tapestry on the Edge." Both open Thurs. Nov. 30. 3014 N.W. 67th St., 789-5707.

Photographic Center Northwest The PCNW Juried Members' Exhibition features selections chosen by Whatcom Museum's Scott Wallin. Reception: 6-8 p.m. Fri. Dec. 1. Also: "Chick Flick" explores family and fantasy life, gender roles, sexuality and more in the works of four female artists. Ends Nov. 29. 900 12th Ave., 720-7222. "Juried" ends Jan. 15.

Suite 400 "re-Rendered," new work by Laura Ward in this unusual space. Reception: 5-9 p.m. Thurs. Nov. 30. 1601 2nd. Ave. (above Nordstrom Rack), 624-3854. Ends in March.

Vetri James Minson and Renata Crowe's glass jewelry. Fri. Dec. 1. 1404 First Ave., 667-9608.

Last Chance

Art/Not Terminal Painter Ed Baines shows stylized "Window Panes." Also: "Artists for Breast Cancer," created by Georgetta Gancarz. 2045 Westlake Ave., 233-0680. Ends Dec. 4.

ArtsWest Mixed media and pottery from four local artists, plus work by the Northwest Collage Society. 4711 California Ave. S.W., 938-0963. Ends Dec. 2.

BLVD Gallery New works from Robert Hardgrave and Warren Dykeman in "Hard Light." 2312 Second Ave. Ends Dec. 2.

Christoff Gallery Tim Marsden's paintings, drawings, and assemblages. 6004 12th Ave. S. #17, 767-0280. Ends Dec. 3.

Cornish College Gallery The design department's new faculty exhibition. 1000 Lenora St., 726-5011. Ends Nov. 30.

D'Adamo/Woltz Thomas Gehrig's muted, emotional oils. 307 Occidental Ave. S., 652-4414. Ends Dec. 4.

Davidson Contemporary Francesca Sundsten's darkly whimsical new work of hand-painted alterations on found 19th-century portraits. Also: Donald Fels' colorful distemper paintings are paired with 'hoardings' inspired by Indian advertising. 310 S. Washington St., 624-7684. Ends Sat. Dec. 2.

Davidson Galleries Hand-colored woodcuts detail Lockwood Dennis' Japanese travels. Also: "Shunga," erotic Japanese prints from the Edo period. 313 Occidental Ave. S., 624-1324. Ends Sat. Dec. 2.

Fountainhead Max Grover's whimsical acrylics show a "Detour Through Mexico." W. McGraw St., 285-4467. Ends Nov. 30.

Gallery4Culture 23 artists and craftspeople display functional objects—such as handmade doors or light fixtures. 101 Prefontaine Pl. S., 296-7580. Ends. Fri. Dec. 1.

Gallery IMA New works by sculptor Paul Metivier, and abstract paintings from Glenn Ossiander. 123 S. Jackson St., 625-0055. Ends Fri. Dec. 1.

Gallery 110 "Imprimo" is Seattle Print Arts' Annual Juried Exhibit. 110 S. Washington St., 624-9336. Ends Dec. 2.

Gallery63Eleven New paintings from Jeff Mihalyo. 6311 24th Ave. N.W., 478-2238. Ends Dec. 6.

Glasshouse Studio Local glass artists Lon Clark and Annette Ringe show new work. 311 Occidental Ave. S., 682-9939. Ends Nov. 30.

Grover/Thurston Gallery Austin-based Lance Letscher's dreamlike collages from found materials. 309 Occidental Ave. S., 223-0816. Ends Dec. 2.

Jacob Lawrence Gallery Recent paintings from Philip Govedare and David Brody. School of Art, UW, 685-1805. Ends Nov. 30.

Kirkland Performance Center Arts Stage Masks, maternity figures, and more from Africa's six major geographical regions. KPC, 350 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, 425-893-9900. Ends Nov. 30.

Lee Center at Seattle University Digital and audiovisual work from Justi Beckman, James Coupe, and Tivon Rice. 901 12th Ave., 296-2244. Ends Dec. 2.

Lisa Harris Christopher Harris' digital C-prints taken with a handmade pinhole camera. Also: NW-inspired oils by Thomas Wood. 1922 Pike Pl., 443-3315. Ends Sat. Dec. 2.

Linda Hodges "Nature Alive" is a one-person show of exquisite colors and forms from painter Alfredo Arreguin. 316 First Ave. S., 624-3034. Ends Dec. 2.

Museum of Glass Curator Vicki Halper pairs unique works in groupings that highlight differences in technique and conception. Various artists explore the properties of glass through site-specific installations in "Transparently Built." Also: "Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory" juxtaposes contemporary glass art with other media. Museum of Glass, 1801 E. Dock St., Tacoma, 253-284-4750. Ends Nov. 30. "Fresh!" ends Dec. 31. "Transparently" ends May 27.

Patricia Cameron Czech-born local architect and designer Milan Heger presents paintings and works on paper. 234 Dexter Ave. N., 343-9647. Ends Dec. 1.

Roq la Rue "?Retrorama!?"'s dreamlike and timelessly weird work from Mark Frauenfelder, Wednesday Kirwan, Ren & Stimpy artist Chris Reccardi, Lynne Nailor, and Johnny Yanok. 2312 Second Ave., 374-8977. Ends Dec. 1.

Stonington Gallery New juniper and bronze creatures from Hib Sabin. 119 S. Jackson St., 405-4040. Ends Thurs. Nov. 30.

Vain Photographer Breanne Koselke shows local musicians in their work habitats; Michael Lane's exhibits stencils of music icons on canvas. Vain, 2018 First Ave., 441-3441. Ends Nov. 30.

William Traver Three variations on sculpture in Swedish artist Bertil Vallien's abstracts, Katja Fritzsche's fanciful animals, and blown-and-cast goblets from Mary Fox. William Traver Gallery, 110 Union St. 200, 587-6501. Ends Sun. Dec. 3.

Zeitgeist New paintings from Scott J. Morgan. 171 S. Jackson St., 583-0497. Ends Dec. 6.


Ballard Fetherston Dorothy Rissman uses bamboo, thread, and wood panel in "Pieces", her first solo show. 818 E. Pike St., 322-9440. Ends Dec. 14.

Catherine Person Gallery Local artist Yancy Wright exhibits a series of lushly illuminated photographs. 319 Third Ave. S., 763-5565. Ends Dec. 22.

CoCA The 2006 Annual, organized by guest juror Jennifer Gately of the Portland Art Museum, features work from over 15 local and national artists. 410 Dexter Ave. N., 728-1980. Ends Dec. 30.

Columbia City "Adornments and Small Works" are new by Columbia City artists. Also: "From the Furnace"shows glass art from Viscosity Glass Studio. 4864 Rainier Ave. S., 760-9843. Ends Jan. 14.

Experience Music Project Unexpected pairings from Paul Allen's private collection, many not seen by the public in over 50 years. Some sample matches: Van Gogh and Ernst, Monet and DeKooning. Curated by art historian and Impressionism expert Paul Hayes Tucker. EMP, 325 Fifth Ave. N. (Seattle Center), 770-2702. Ends Jan. 1.

Fine Art Vision Gallery The vibrant oils of Russian artist Igor Kashinsky, inspired by "the psychology of the music world." 3833 156th Ave. S.E., Bellevue, 425-681-9772. Ends Jan. 4.

Francine Seders Gallery Gail Grinnell's tender works in ink and acrylic; Marc Wenet's mixed media constructions. 6701 Greenwood Ave. N., 782-0355, Ends Dec. 24.

G. Gibson Gallery An anniversary exhibit of new work by over 20 gallery artists, including Alicia Berger, Michael Brophy, Larry Calkins, and Faryn Davis. 300 S. Washington St., 587-4033. Ends Dec. 23.

Greg Kucera Gallery 50 etchings from printmaker Robert Motherwell's collaborations with Catherine Mosely. 212 Third Ave. S., 624-0770. Ends Dec. 23.

Henry Art Gallery New work from Walid Raad, Robert Campbell and Yuki Nakamura, and winners of The Stranger's Genius Awards winners over the years. Also: Stephen Shore's large-format color photos demonstrate his influential vision of the last half century. 15th Ave. N.E. and N.E. 41st St., 543-2280. Genius ends Dec. 14. Campbell and Shore end Dec. 31. Raad ends Feb. 4.

Jack Straw New Media Gallery Bay Area artist Joe Colley's an interactive installation on space and sound. 4261 Roosevelt Way N.E., 634-0919. Ends Dec. 29.

James Harris Photographer Roy McMakin's new body of work aims to "capture the essence of domestic found objects." 309A Third Ave. S., 903-6220. Ends Dec. 22.

Lawrimore Project Sami Ben Larbi's installation, as well as paintings, audio, and new prints; prints from Ben Beres, and a video from Erwin Wurm, concurrently exhibiting work at the Frye. Lawrimore Project, 831 Airport Way S., 501-1231. Ends Dec. 30.

Northwest Craft Center Gallery New work from Gerry Newcomb, Mary Robinson, Ernest Hilsenberg, Jeffrey Brown, Regnor Reinholdsten, and John Morgan. 305 Harrison St. (Seattle Center), 728-1555. Ends Dec. 31.

OKOK Gallery Grant Barnhart (Tra Sehltrow)'s brilliant paintings full of fascinating creatures from this young artist with intensity to spare (See review 11/15). 5107 Ballard Ave. N.W., 789-6242. Ends Jan. 14. SUE PETERS

Platform Gallery Stephen Hilyard's striking digital photographs that "reference the world but do not depict it." 114 Third Ave. S., 323-2808. Ends Dec. 30.

Punch Gallery "Billy in the Lowground" investigates the ballad's pit stops between 18th-century England and Appalachia. The film/installation is essentially a meditation on how the story of history travels through time. (See WIRE 11/22). 119 Prefontaine Pl. S., 621-1945. Ends Dec. 3. SUZANNE BEAL

SAM Gallery: Art Sales and Rental The intersection of art and science through the work of 10 established local artists, including Deborah Bell, Jaq Chartier, and Michael Schultheis. Seattle Tower, 1220 Third Ave., 343-1101. Ends Dec. 9.

Shift Gallery Introducing the work of eight new studio members in various mediums, including drawing, sculptural installation, and glass. 306 S. Washington St., Ste. 105, 547-1215. Ends Dec. 16.

Suyama Space A spiraling geometric web of precisely joined hemlock by New York artist Ben Butler. 2324 Second Ave., 256-0809. Ends Dec. 8.

T(ea) Gallery A black woman at the airport hesitates to use the "white courtesy phone." President Bush's advisers tremble in fear as the Syntax-Mangler-in-Chief steps up to a podium to pronounce the word "Niger." These are the sorts of situations that Keith Knight captures in his single-panel cartoon, (th)ink (See review 11/15). 2707 California Ave. S.W., 932-4805. Ends Dec. 16. SUE PETERS

Viveza Local artist Francesca Berrini creates maps that will only reinforce viewers' misplaced concepts, or else orient them to the vivid terrain of Berrini's own imagination, a fantastic land of places that exist only figuratively or not at all. (See review 11/08). 2604 Western Ave., 956-3584. Ends Dec. 24. SUE PETERS

Wall Space Local photographers capture contemporary Seattle: Kathy Smith finds unusual angles in black and white with a Diana (a cheap plastic camera), while Kevin Cruff uses the more modern Holga to draw out mystical beauty in mist-shrouded Discovery Park, and color abstractions in his series, "3 Mile Range," views within his otherwise unromantic neighborhood of Magnolia. (See WIRE 11/22). 600 First Ave. #322, 749-9133. Ends Dec. 9. SUE PETERS

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers Printmaker/wood engraver Shinsuke Minegishi presents his first one-person U.S. exhibition. 208 First Ave. S., 682-3545. Ends Dec. 30.

Western Bridge The fall show plays with shadow and light, in Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens' ingeniously simple tricks with a light bulb (Um...), Claude Zervas' delicately strewn cathode light installation (Elba), Spencer Finch's large fluorescent light installation (The Light at Lascaux), and work by Euan Macdonald, Paul Morrison, Doug Aitken, Linda Connor, Morris Graves, Sterling Ruby, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Olafur Eliasson, Neil Goldberg, and Jason Dodge (Into Black, photo paper exposed to the sun on the vernal equinox at various places across the globe). 3412 Fourth Ave. S., 838-7444. Ends Dec. 16.

Winston Wächter Bo Bartlett's paintings show Northwest scenes through an appropriately misty oil palette. Thurs. Nov. 9. 203 Dexter Ave. N., 652-5855. Ends Jan. 4.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery A Centennial Celebration and Exhibition Honoring Northwest Master Guy Anderson, and the original members of the Northwest School (Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, and William Cumming). 2101 9th Ave., 622-7243. Ends Jan. 1.


Bellevue Arts Museum A juried exhibit of contemporary weavers. Also: the work of Northwest jewelry artist Ron Ho, and Mohamed Zakariya's elegant script work. 510 Bellevue Way N.E., Bellevue, 425-519-0770. "Tapestry" ends Jan. 6. Ron Ho and Zakariya end Feb. 18.

Burke Museum A bilingual photography exhibit honoring Oaxaca's annual Day of the Dead tradition. Also: hand-tinted photographs from turn-of-the-century Tibet. N.E. 45th St. and 17th Ave. N.E., 543-5590. "Day of the Dead" Ends Dec. 31. Tibet ends Feb. 4.

Frye Art Museum Recent work by Viennese artist Erwin Wurm. Also: The depiction of children in the 19th century is the unifying theme of a collection of paintings, primarily by New England artists from that era. Also: The latest kinetic sculptural installation from sound artist Trimpin. 704 Terry Ave., 622-9250. Wurm ends Jan. 28. Trimpin ends Jan. 21. "Time" ends Jan. 28. "Children" ends Feb. 4.

Museum of Flight 50 working models based on Leonardo da Vinci's notes and sketches. 9404 E. Marginal Way S., 764-5700. Ends Jan. 28.

Seattle Asian Art Museum This 20-year survey of Brazilian-born photographer Vik Muniz's work (See review 11/08) shows the Mona Lisa as finger-painted in chocolate syrup, Marlene Dietrich laid out in diamonds, and portraits of kids made of sugar. Seattle Asian Art Museum, Volunteer Park, 1400 E. Prospect St., 654-3100. ends Jan. 15.

Tacoma Art Museum. Great art is subversively hiding in grade school libraries everywhere. This fact is illustrated beautifully in this retrospective of beloved children's illustrator/author Eric Carle's work (see review 11/01). Tacoma Art Museum, 1701 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253-272-4258. SUE PETERS

Whatcom Museum A writhing array of over 30 bronze sculptures by Auguste Rodin from Stanford University's Gerard B. Cantor collection has made it to Bellingham, along with the 19th-century French artist's many writings. 121 Prospect St., Bellingham, 360-676-6981. Ends Dec. 10.

Wing Luke The Kong Yick Buildings, Higo, and the Eastern Hotel celebrated through history, testimony, and artifacts. 407 Seventh Ave. S., 623-5124. Ends Dec. 10.

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