TUESDAY: Under the Sea: The Excursionists

TheaterThe Excursionists A wonderfully witty and slapstick riff on 19th-century Jules Verne–style adventures: The good Professor and his lordly friend speed in their subaquatic train, the Neptunia, to find a new land to call England (which, you see, "has sunk!"). Lunacy leaps and bounds through running gags, great visual humor, and a tightly timed two-man show (all neatly divided into chapters, for the viewing public). As each continent in turn sinks beneath the sea, our intrepid adventurers persevere in their quest, overcoming not only giant squid but natives, penguins, and their own outrageously campy personalities. Faced with the harsh truth behind their voyage while trapped at the South Pole, they press ever forward, remaining stoically British until the end. With remarkably minimal props and hilarious crisp delivery, there is mirth and laughter for everyone, making this fun midweek show one not to miss. Theatre Off Jackson, 409 Seventh Ave. S. $12. 7:30 p.m. Tues.–Wed. Ends Dec. 20. NEIL CORCORAN

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