FRIDAY: A Tap Dance Christmas Carol and Dancin’ Harry Hamlin

"You can skate through for awhile on personality, but to get through to the end, you have to be very strong."

 Dance/TheaterA Tap Dance Christmas CarolThere are performances of ACC that are akin to a high church experience, redolent with the odor of plum pudding; there's that television program with the myopic little man; and probably somewhere there's a production of A Christmas Carol on Ice—but only in Seattle can you get your Dickens with tap shoes. Hoofers Cheryl Johnson (pictured) and Anthony Peters have been performing their version of this holiday perennial for almost 10 years, swapping roles every so often. This is an "Ebenizia" year, with Johnson playing the miser and Peters dancing the three ghosts. The Cratchits are rehearsing for their family party, and yes, Tiny Tim taps. Anacrusis Modern Tap Dance at Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle Central Community College, 1625 Broadway Ave., 325-6500,, $18–$24. 8 p.m. Fri., 2 and 8 p.m. Sat., 2 and 7 p.m. Sun. Ends Dec. 23. SANDRA KURTZSpectacleDancin' Harry HamlinHarry Hamlin got his hair done by Jonathan Antin last Friday. This is significant because celebrity hairdresser Antin is the star of Bravo's Blow Out, easily the best reality show ever conceived. The same can't be said about Dancing With the Stars, which Hamlin starred in this past TV season. This show's main accomplishment has been to emasculate Evander Holyfield and pro football hall-of-famers such as Jerry Rice and last season's winner, Emmitt Smith. It is also a vessel for D-list actors like Joey Lawrence and Tia Carrere to keep their careers afloat on the sea of stardom. But Hamlin's no D-lister. He, like his wife and fellow Stars competitor, Lisa Rinna, is a solid C-lister. Back when L.A. Law was on the air, Hamlin was probably even a B-lister. In spite of such status, he deigned to chat with us about why ex-football players seem to dominate the dancing competition. "The three people who made it to the end were all gladiators—muscle-bound, athletic 30-year-olds in their prime," says Hamlin. "You can skate through for a while on personality, but to get through to the end, you have to be very strong." When Hamlin was that young and buff, he was busy starring as Perseus in Clash of the Titans. "I killed the Kraken, so that could qualify [me as a gladiator]," he says, before setting the record straight on a potential remake of the 1981 cult classic. "They keep talking about remaking it, but to date, I haven't seen any factual proof." Dancing With the Stars: The Tour, KeyArena, $47–$94. 7:30 p.m. MIKE SEELY

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