SATURDAY: Soul Music, Stargazing, Kazu Nomura + Dan Deacon at Gallery 1412

A soulful tip from Mayor Greg Nickels, and more.

 Star PartyLook! Up in the Sky!The Magi followed that star in the east, but given the proper weather conditions, you can follow stars in the east, west, north, and south, along with a planet or two, and perhaps the contrail of that solitary sleigh hoofing it around the world. Members of the Seattle Astronomical Society set up their telescopes, invite everyone to take a look, and explain just what it is that you see. These astronomers' eyes twinkle at your starry-eyed excitement. Dress warmly and stop by the society's Web site to print out a star chart for this night, so you can take notes. Green Lake, 7201 E. Green Lake Dr. N., north shore at the grassy area west of the Bathhouse Theater, near the fishing piers. Free. Rain or complete cloud cover cancels. 7 p.m. JOANNE GARRETT   MusicKazu Nomura + Dan DeaconIt's easy to get lost looking for the tiny, volunteer-run performance space Gallery 1412. You often won't even have the low-end rumble typical of a nightspot to lure you to its location, four blocks removed from the bustle of Pike/Pine and tucked into a residential area. Its low profile suits the routine showcases—avant-garde jazz, rock, and experimental, with a hefty helping of noise—as they tend to attract an intensely devoted yet smallish faithful. But don't be intimidated—when in a musical rut, it's easy to approach the welcoming venue for a novel night of sound. Kazu Nomura has been a prolific player here for a number of years. The Japan-born musician plays with the trio Na, and alone as THE PWRFL POWER. From that moniker, you'll hear "A series of alternative children songs, whose subjects vary from brushing teeth to drugs," says Nomura. Life-surviving tips through enjoying THE PWRFL POWER's guitar harmony (as it were) and "mispronunciation of English words" may also be gleaned. His sense of playful experimentation is matched by visiting performer Dan Deacon, who makes solo noise/dance influenced by European performance art movements like Fluxus, futurism, and absurdism. Find refuge in the latter tonight, whose principles need no Googling but definitely belong in your life from time to time. Gallery 1412, 1412 18th Ave., 322-1533. $5–$15. All ages. 8 p.m. RACHEL SHIMPSmooth JazzA Soulful ChristmasNow this is what I call entertainment. My favorite radio station, KWJZ-FM, is bringing to town five ultra-funked-out smooth-jazz artists for some completely whacked renditions of the Christmas classics, the likes of which you've never heard. Topping the ticket is the wicked master of the keys, Brian Culbertson, with his bust-up drummer Felix D-Kat. Culbertson's so deep, it's hard to believe he's white. Also on hand—and I'm not kidding about this, this is not a joke—is Ray Parker Jr. Who you gonna call? You're gonna call me and say, "I snapped my fingers, nodded soulfully, and even wiped a tear from my eye. Thank you, Greg, for tipping me off to this show!" Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St., 682-1414, 628-0888, $35–$45. 8 p.m. GREG NICKELS

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