SUNDAY: Holiday Plays to Take the Kids To

"Now you have insufferable kids of your own, and holiday karma is biting you in the ass."


Christmas Theater

You were insufferable on Christmas Eve when you were a kid, weren't you? Especially if you opened your gifts that night rather than the next morning—were you one of those wheedlers who talked Mom into letting you open just one, now, please, just one? And now you have insufferable kids of your own, and holiday karma is biting you in the ass. Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year, you know, and you'll be stuck with the precious angels all day, nagging you about when dinner will be ready. Perhaps you could distract them with a play? Three shows are running Christmas Eve performances (three family shows, that is, unless you want to try sneak the tykes into Dina Martina or The Santaland Diaries). A Christmas Carol is ACT's long-running Dickens adaptation (sold out at press time, though lightning might strike with a last-minute cancellation); in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, a family of underachievers takes over a small town's Nativity play with chaotic (and comic and heartwarming) results; and Voices of Christmas is ArtsWest's annual holiday gift basket of music and reminiscences. A Christmas Carol: ACT Theatre, 700 Union St., 292-7676, $15–$44. 1 and 4 p.m. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: Seattle Public Theater, 7312 W. Greenlake Dr. N., 524-1300, $14–$24. 2 p.m. Voices of Christmas: ArtsWest, 4711 California Ave. S.W., 938-0339, $10–$32. 1 and 5 p.m. GAVIN BORCHERT

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