Oliver's Twist

Who needs Bud and half-price chicken wings when you can regular-menu it at this great new lounge?

Foodies will fawn over Oliver's Twist, a stylish new lounge-eatery that is in the process of developing its happy-hour menu. Enter under the orange-and-brown striped awning and start with some garlic truffled popcorn ($4), which comes in a darling popcorn bag. A mini grilled cheese sandwich with perfectly crispy grilled bread ($8) tastes even better when dunked in the accompanying tomato cappuccino, a little cup of creamy, frothed tomato soup. On a recent visit, the anchovy pizette ($8) was just OK—its crust tasted too much like toasted pita, and the caramelized onions tasted too sweet when paired with the Parmigiano-Reggiano and cured fish. We refreshed our palates with the bar's signature cocktails, picking our drinks after we'd read over the tasting notes on the cocktail menu (the Rose Maylie: "berries with orange and vanilla overtones"). The Fagin ($8), made with vodka, lemon, cucumber, and Pernod, was a smash with this black-licorice lover. A Mr. Sowerberry ($8) with gin, elderflower syrup, dry vermouth, and grapefruit was a bit too sweetly floral for me, but my Sig. O relished it. And, for those that don't want to take a risk with the inventive cocktails, the place also offers a well-edited selection of beer, wine, bubbles, and cocktail classics. With fare this good, who needs half-price chicken wings and fried mozzarella sticks? MOLLY LORI

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