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Shows you shouldn't miss as '07 beckons.

Thursday, December 28

Club Pop: Holy Ghost Revival + the Pharmacy + Scissors for Lefty

SEE WIRE (Holy Ghost Revival) P. 29. Also with DJs Glitterpants, Colby B, Paco Chop Suey, 9 p.m.

Friday, December 29

The HollowPoints + Neutral Boy + Toe Tag + Greatest Hits

When I first moved to Seattle about four and a half years ago, it seemed like the city was in the middle of a crusty garage-punk renaissance, what with bands like the Gloryholes, the Spits, the Briefs, and the HollowPoints tearing things up on a weekly basis. And then Fallout Records closed, the aforementioned bands weren't playing around town as much, and the scene, in general, felt like it was drying up. But perhaps it's too early to toe-tag the Seattle punk scene, at least not as long as the HollowPoints are still alive and gigging. Not reinventing the wheel, but making it roll faster and with little regard for anything in its way, the quartet mixes the crunchy fury of Mommy's Little Monster–era Social Distortion and the finest of Epitaph's (pre-Offspring) roster with snarling vocals and loads of spot-on anti-Bush sloganeering. And that will never go out of style. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG Funhouse, 9:30 p.m. $6

Aaron LaCrate + FourColorZack + Pretty Titty

There are plenty of DJs around that can only get people out on the dance floor by dropping generic Top 40 hits and stale hip-hop tracks. But when there are people like New York/Baltimore-based Aaron LaCrate behind the decks dropping all kinds of dirty, booty bass tracks and remixes, many that we've never heard, the dance floor is a steamy stew of sex—people are getting loose as a goose, asses are shaking like Jell-O, sweat is flying, and the whole place is just going bananas. Like hyphy and crunk—subgenres that have made their respective regions of origin blow up huge—LaCrate is bringing the once-obscure Baltimore club movement, alongside the Hollertronix, Spank Rock, and Amanda "the Kelly Bundy of Rap" Blank, to the forefront. TRAVIS RITTER Neumo's, 9 p.m. $7

Schoolyard Heroes + the Divorce + Kane Hodder + Sirens Sister

SEE WIRE (Schoolyard Heroes) P. 30. El Corazon, 7 p.m. $12 All ages

Saturday, December 30

Bloodhag + Left Hand Army + Sean

One playful (we think?) comment on Sean's MySpace page reads, "Piano = pussy." But after listening to this local instrumental duo—which comprises Mike Peterson (Suffering Fuckheads, the Accused) on drums and Luke Laplante on the supposedly sissifying keys—I sincerely doubt you'd agree with that assessment. Laplante runs his keyboards through noise effects and ultimately into guitar amps, and when that slams against Peterson's vigorous, punk- and metal-inspired drum-flaying, the result is a manic, mighty, hyperspeed combo of grindcore and out-there jazz whose obvious antecedent is Naked City; quite often, Sean's assault sounds a lot like that outfit sans John Zorn's mad sax skronk. Any opportunity to catch one of Seattle's most unique and dynamic acts—one whose slogan is "Making piano lessons a threat again!"—is one very well worth taking. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG Comet Tavern, 9 p.m.

John in the Morning at Night New Year's Weekend Bender!: Jeremy Enigk + Wild Sweet Orange + Pablo + Catfish Haven + the Village Green

SEE FEATURE (Jeremy Enigk) P. 61. Chop Suey, 5 p.m. $20

Also on Dec. 31 with Wild Sweet Orange, Walter Meego & the Ettes, Chop Suey, 8 p.m. $25

Sunday, December 31

Mamma's Noise for the Needy New Year's Eve Bash!: The Emeralds + King's English + the Knast + Loving Thunder

While walking through holiday-decked downtown recently, each block played host to earnest musicians, solo and in groups—piping out note after note of Christmas cheer, hats or guitar cases laid hopefully out in front. As throngs of people hustled by, packages piled high and credit cards glistening, not one stopped to enjoy or appreciate the musicians' efforts aside from an occasional coin toss before quickly shuffling along, in a hurry to buy more Wii's and whatnot. The spirit of the season felt lost, swallowed up in five blocks of rushed indifference that contrasted sharply with a saxophonist's ragged rendition of "Silver Bells" and the reverberations of a steel drum band's "First Noel." All's not lost, however. This New Year's Eve, instead of paying a ridiculously overpriced cover charge at a whack club for nothing more than a splash of cheap champagne in a plastic cup at midnight, head to the Comet Tavern, where the season's spirit burns bright in resident do-gooder/booker DJ Mamma Casserole! She's put together a kick-ass rock show that benefits local nonprofit Noise for the Needy, a group that raises money for local charitable causes through live music. Let the Emerald's, the King's English, the Knast, and Loving Thunder remind you that the real reason for the season is getting hammered on pitchers of PBR at the Hill's best dive bar with a bunch of rad bands to watch—altruistically, of course. AJA PECKNOLD Comet Tavern, 6 p.m.

Jacob London + Truckasaurus + SunTzu Sound vs. Kid Hops + Fourthcity DJs + Shameless Afterhours

While there are always a ton of New Year's Eve options in Seattle, we bet this will be the only party where the headliners play a sock monkey. Yes, Dave Pezzner (along with Bob Hansen, the duo that goes by another man's name) has transformed a red-heel sock monkey into a vocoder of sorts—one with glowing red eyes that alters Pezzner's voice when he sings into its ass. (Type "Jacob London Monkey" into YouTube for proof). As the latest mutation of a partnership that's existed since "1992," Jacob London's funky-monkey house is sure to be the sound of "2007." Truckasaurus? As described by a member of the nwtekno message board: "Gameboy 8bit samples meet Hulk Hogan in a steel cage!" Tuesday-night Lo-Fi heroes Introcut and Hidden Habitats are in the house, as well as Fourthcity's E.R. Don and Absolute Madman. Shameless hosts the afterparty, which runs 'til 4. And I'm not going to give one more word (this year) to SunTzu Sound, who are spinning B2B with KEXP's Kid Hops—but I will let their Jason Justice say something: "You can expect a mix of fidgety house, booming broken beats, and other electro-funk weapons." And that Basement Jaxx remix!! RACHEL SHIMP Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, 9 p.m. $15 adv./$20

Blue Scholars + Common Market + Gabriel Teodros + DJ Daps 1

Gabriel Teodros' solo disc Lovework, is already on my favorites list for 2007. Produced by both Gabe and Amos Miller, with a little help from Blue Scholars'/Common Market's DJ Sabzi, Lovework puts Teodros' Ethiopian roots and leftist politics on display. But I love the guy even more for being the hard-core feminist he is. Rather than simply stating why he loves and respects women, Teodros one-ups it by suggesting the whole planet would be better off if men just backed off and let women run the joint ("Why we scared of women that could be our teachers?"). I can get behind that ideology. Later, on "Sacred Text," he echoes the awkwardness of being a teenager "My headphones, then, was my only company/ I was awkward socially/ Never fit into a peer group." Who can't feel lines like that? BRIAN J. BARR Neumo's, 8 p.m. $20 Also on Dec. 30, 8 p.m. $15

The Melvins + Big Business + Porn + "Hot Sauce" Butch Darlene

SEE FEATURE (Buzz Osborne's New Year's Resolutions) P. 28. Showbox, 8 p.m. $20 adv./$25

Monday, January 1

Leny's Tavern

My first New Year's Day in Seattle, I spent at Leny's Tavern. At the time, it was just up the street from my house in the Wallingford/Greenlake area. We sat there, getting drunk on Labatt's Blue (our taste in beer was yet to be refined by the robust Cascade hops), watching a game on TV, and listening to two mullet maniacs argue over a drainage ditch somebody had dug poorly for them. Back then, going to Leny's was like drinking beer inside an ashtray. But since the smoking ban went into effect, they've painted the walls and added a digital juke box, plasma screen televisions, full-service bar, and food menu. They can dress the joint up all they want, but it's still where I go when I grow wary of the rock clubs and the hipsters. I guess you could consider mullets, cheap beer, and the arguments between working-class folks my palate cleanser. BRIAN J. BARR Leny's Tavern, open from 12 p.m. Free

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