Letters to the Editor

Jan 4th-9th, 2006

Says who?

Nice piece on so-called "Jingle Hell" [Dec. 20]. It would have been better if the person who actually wrote this had the balls to put their name on their rant instead of the cop-out "Anonymous."

Sarah McLachlan has more talent in her little finger than this person has in their entire writing ability.

P.S. And I'll put my name to that.

Wayne Shields

I like sports

No! No! No!

I can't believe that it's all just about "fun" [state Sen. Margarita Prentice] wants her community to have—and drink beer (and I have nothing against either of those activities)! But how will her community be able to afford to go to the games ["The Good Time Girl," Dec. 27]? Is she going to buy them tickets, season passes . . . beer?

Our politicians, (because I can no longer call them leaders!) are out of control and do not represent the people they are supposed to be representing, helping, and standing up for. Basketball is her priority?

Why didn't you ask her why this is so much more important than education in her district? Why didn't you ask if she was proud of the nickname for Maple Valley—Meth Valley?

She was "heartsick" that a basketball player had left her home team (?), but she doesn't seem to care about families, education.

Well, hell, I guess if one is a sports fanatic first, by all means, to hell with all else.

Don't get me wrong, I like sports. I, however, would never place billionaires and overpaid athletes ahead of my constituents if I were in her place! The nerve of that woman!

Rita Martinez


Smells like humanity

Thanks for the down-home care package in the form of Mike Seely's piece about dive bars ["Hot Beef Injection," Dec. 27].

After 20 years in the Midwest, with the never-long-or-often-enough pilgrimages back to the land of the floating mountain, it feels sooooo good to touch base with other pedestrians, vis à vis the Weekly, willing to get close enough to street people to appreciate the smell of humanity.

Mike, I appreciate your prose.

Marcia Muskrat

Columbia, MO

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