Chili Cook-Off, and the Experimental Sounds of DubMarronics


Chili Clash 2007

To raise money for Seattle's first solo performance theater festival, the organizers of SPF 1: No Protection (scheduled for March 9–24) are going culinary: Six teams of local theater folks are competing in a chili cook-off, with you the attendees as tasting judges. Will they go with the traditional meat/beans/peppers combo, or will they get creative, artsy, even avant-garde? Your admission fee of $10 "gets you a bowl and all the chili you can eat." Local businesses from Hooters to the Marqueen Hotel have donated auction items, too. Theatre Off Jackson, 409 Seventh Ave. S.,, 6–10 p.m. GAVIN BORCHERT



Experimental/Other/Psychedelic is the MySpace designation for DubMarronics, a Japan-based trio of sound texture technicians, and you can't blame anyone for throwing up their classifying hands. It's hard to say whether there are notes, and there certainly isn't rhythm, but there's a weightless, serenely sculpted musicality to what DubMarronics does with guitar, violin, beats, and various etceteras that makes it more than just atmosphere. Guitarist Yasuhiko Tanaka recently recorded a smart, sympathetic record at Gallery 1412 with local guitar wrecker Bill Horist (Sleep Hammer, which will be celebrated at Lo_Fi next Thursday). And Horist will be on hand this evening as well, with the first show in a year from free "jazz" (or something) trio Ghidra, featuring the ever-feverish saxophonist Wally Shoup. Only adventurous ears need apply. Lo_Fi Performance Gallery, 429B Eastlake Ave. 9 p.m. MARK D. FEFER

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