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My coworker wants to listen to Warm 106.9.

Dear Uptight Seattleite,

I work in an office and the admin in the next cube is always listening to Warm 106.9, the soft rock station. What's wrong with people?

Music Fan

Dear Fan,

I know exactly what you mean. Even at this graphic design studio I'm at, everyone's pretty cool, but we've got this one guy, whenever it's his turn with the station, we have to listen to KNDD 107.7 The End. So that's, like, two hours without KEXP. It's like, yeah, let's listen to some more grunge. I mean, it's pretty hard to concentrate on doing some really breakthrough, scalable CRM-packaging customization when you've got this corporate Soul Asylum crap stinking up the cube.

I was at the Comet the other night with Chris, having my "white trash classic" (Jack and Coke!). Which is totally fucking weird, by the way. Liquor at the Comet. It's like a seismic shift in the whole fabric of the cosmos. It's like pizza at McDonald's. No, I mean it. It's amazing. So anyway, Chris was telling me that John in the Morning did this big hilarious takeoff on commercial radio this week. How they play the same shit over and over. The same fucking playlist every day. It's like, without KEXP, we'd be this small-minded musical wasteland. No indie rock. No electronica. No indie rock. What's sad is there are all these people out there who can't even think for themselves. They've never even heard KEXP. They think the "Song of the Day" podcast is something you get from VH-1.

I'm your basic twentysomething hip 'n conscientious Seattleite. My problem: Should I MySpace or not? Some of my friends scoff at it, while others have jumped in. I fear I might miss out on something great if I eschew MySpace, but also fear getting involved with something that might at any moment become hopelessly uncool. What do you think?

My Conundrum

Dear Conundrum,

I'm afraid it's a little too late to be worrying about this, drummer girl. I mean, why don't you just hook up with Friendster on the rebound? I shouldn't even be giving you this URL, but is pretty much where everyone I know with any sense is posting. It's all about potatoes. But in a Dave Eggers kind of way. Nobody's saying stuff like "I loved your show!!" Totally grassroots site, and the profits don't go to Rupert Murdoch or shit like that but to a Cap Hill program to give old Metro driver zip-up jackets to disadvantaged youth. Check it out.

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