Stebmo at Lo_Fi, A Clockwork Orange: Remixed

MusicStebmoThere are some musicians whose winding path of interests you can follow and know you'll always be in earshot of something great. Like Steve Moore. He handles the Wurlitzer, trombone, and toy duties with Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet, tours regularly with adored alt-folkie Laura Veirs, creates ambient contours with Tucker Martine's Mount Analog, and, of course, more. Tonight he celebrates finishing, if not actually releasing, his first solo record, with Stebmo, a band heard here in trio version with the unerring bassist Keith Lowe and multifaceted, uncategorizable drummer Matt Chamber-lain. Grooves, jazz, and outer explorations: It's all on the table and, judging by the MySpace clips, a fine fancy feast. Wise Joe Doria opens with his organ trio. Lo_Fi Performance Gallery, 429B Eastlake Ave., $10. 9 p.m. MARK D. FEFERTheater A Clockwork Orange: Remixed One of the most controversial films of all time, Stanley Kubrick's 1971 exposé of ultraviolence was unavailable in England until 2000 (after his death). Fortunately, teenagers and stoners on this side of the pond have always had access to this most psychedelic relic, which follows crazed delinquent Alex on his rampage of sex and senseless brutality. So how to translate this to the stage? Open Circle Theater's not telling: "This production takes the ethos of hip-hop sample pirates, who mine source materials and then imagine completely new worlds with them," reads their announcement. "Imagine several moving screens playing different streams of film, interacting with dancing actors, while the audience is encapsulated in a cocoon of light and deconstruction." Welly, welly, welly, very interesting indeed. Open Circle Theater, 429 Boren Ave. N., 382-4250, $15. 8 p.m. Thurs.–Sat. Ends Feb. 24. RACHEL SHIMP

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