The Saturday Knights at the Bad Juju Lounge, and Erotica at Hugo House


A Night with the Knights

Recent additions to the Light in the Attic roster, the Saturday Knights bring beats so tight, ain't nothin' getting in. The rhymes they sling are so sharp, you don't want to get too close—but these four dudes are so dapper, it's tough to fight the magnetism they ooze. The rugged mugs of the irresistible Tilson, Barfly, B-Web, and DJ Suspense, as captured by local camera jockey Adam Weintraub, will be on display tonight as a part of Capitol Hill's monthly art walk. Lucky attendees will be treated to DJ sets by the men of the hour, as well as a chance to rub elbows with this fine-feathered flock. Bad Juju Lounge, 1518 11th Ave., 709-9951, wwwthebadjujulounge.com. Free. 6 p.m. AJA PECKNOLD

Smart Smut

One Foot on the Floor

Following a raft of sex-and-murder- related scandals in Hollywood, the Production Code—a precursor to our MPAA ratings—was formed in 1930, and effectively minimized "scenes of passion" in films until 1967. "No picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it," read the code. Well, what about words? Taking its name from the Production Code–era idea that having "one foot on the floor" would make it impossible for a couple to be horizontal, Capitol Hill writers HQ Hugo House continues a new series on "Genre Competitions" with tonight's erotica reading. From 50 submissions, a winner will be picked to read his or her naughty tale onstage alongside widely anthologized author Jennifer D. Munro (whose saucy writing is done under the nom de plume Dawn O'Hara). Prizes from Babeland will also be awarded for best euphemism—you know, charming the snake, polishing your pearl. Hugo House's normally "bookish" atmosphere will be transformed into a house of ill repute, complete with lusty MC Mama Lou: Strong Woman and aphrodisiac drinks. "Skipping the more noxious yak urine and bull's horns," HH director Lyall Bush quickly adds. Thank heaven, or Venus, for that. Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave., 322-7030, hugohouse.org. $5. 18 and over.7 p.m. RACHEL SHIMP

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