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Perfectly Disgusting

Rick Anderson's recent article ["Down to the Metal," Feb. 7] on auto salesmen at Huling Bros. who repeatedly took advantage of a mentally disabled man depicts a thoroughly disgusting "perfect storm" of events. The combined neglect of people at the Seattle Housing Authority, Highline Mental Health, and Harborview Hospital made it much easier for the vultures at Huling Bros. to deceive and to rob Richard Grey. The only thing that will definitely change in the wake of this is that Huling Bros. now has a new name. But so what?

Richard Fuhr


Perfectly Charming

Thank you for your story on Jesse Sykes ["The Singular Charm of Jesse Sykes," Feb. 7]. It reached beyond her talent and got to what she really is about.

David Shuler


Fearless Foodie

I have enjoyed Jonathan Kauffman's columns since coming into the Seattle food orbit just recently after spending a few years in the N.Y.C. area. There, intrepid reporters like the Voice's Robert Sietsema launch fearless excursions into the outer boroughs and burbs for the authentic and quirky, where form over substance simply won't fly. Kauffman's forays into Everett and down MLK Way could be seen as the Seattle analogue to that project, much needed in this hygiene-obsessed city, and I applaud his efforts.

Ben Justus



Thanks to pieces such as yours ["Free at Last," Jan. 31], we can be more vigilant for the often hidden victims in our midst. As a member of the state Legislature, I have been fighting against human trafficking for years. This session, I am sponsoring a bill that would make patronizing a prostitute under the age of 18 the crime of commercial sex abuse of a minor and would include minors in the new sex tourism law. On the state level, we are making progress to decrease the incidence of human trafficking and make available the resources to help the unfortunate victims reclaim their lives and futures.

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles

36th Legislative District

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