All By Myself at the Pacific Inn

There's nothing like a soaking-wet evening spent at the Pacific Inn drinking Rainier with a bunch of guys in Carhartts to remind you that you live in the Great Northwest. Only trouble is I wasn't really with those guys. I was by myself, in a corner, writing in a Moleskine notebook. Where I'm from, it's enough to get you called "fag." But despite my faux-bohemian tendencies and the Pacific Inn's rugged, working-class charm, I felt right at home. The TVs were turned to CNN, and the radio was tuned to KEXP (incidentally, broadcasting Jesse Sykes' performance from the Triple Door, which was hosted by our own Hannah Levin). A healthy row of microbrews were on tap, including one of my local favorites, Manny's, and the waitress was frying up some hefty-looking sandwiches (served on wax paper in a plastic basket!). Unlike most blue-collar exchanges, these patrons in paint-stained jackets and work boots were discussing the merits of Mike Ness and Social Distortion, while another pair of dudes quoted lines from Borat. Much to my chagrin, however, they referred to Borat as "Birr-at." Naturally, I wanted to correct them. Guess that's why I was in the corner by myself and they were having fun with their friends. 3501 Stone Way N., 547-2967.

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