Constructive Criticism, and Why Uptight's No Laughing Matter


DEAR EDITOR: I have only lived in Coalfield for a short while, but I have had the pleasure of conversing with Chuck Pillon ["The King of Iron Mountain," Feb. 28] on several occasions. I find him to be a deeply fascinating man with many interesting notions. He is quick-witted and eloquent and always brings his sense of humor with him. This is a man who obviously has done much soul-searching and self-examination and, as a result, has a heart filled with a deep compassion. The real story that needs telling is not about his junk or his various forays with the county but rather about Chuck Pillon, a man of complexity and depth who is much more than a vigilante.

Geraldine Dewar



DEAR JONATHAN KAUFFMAN: This may seem a bit odd, but I would like to thank you for your critique and opinions in your review of Qube Restaurant ["Triple Threat," Feb. 21]. While some (okay, many) of the comments did sting, I read with an open mind and listening ears to what you had to say. These are issues I had already addressed with my staff prior to your article, and your words provided validation for me. I am biased, but I think Qube is a great restaurant. It has potential and the ability to become something with staying power and stamina. So thank you for your words, for pointing out areas we NEED to improve in and things that we do well. They are appreciated. I hope your next experience with us will be a much better one.

Lisa Nakamura

Executive Chef,

Qube Restaurant, LLC


DEAR EDITOR: After giving it more than enough tries, I have to say that the Ask an Uptight Seattleite column is a failure. First, and most important, it just ain't funny. If the conservative members of your staff demanded the column as a balance to Ask a Mexican, I can understand, but there must be at least one conservative humorist with some subtlety and instinct for the laugh line. Maybe not....

Michael Palmer


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