Sandy Bullock, fire your psychic!

The space-time continuum smacks the shit out of Sandra Bullock in Premonition, but the fun really gets going when she smacks back. As Linda Hanson, humdrum mom from Anywhere, U.S.A., Bullock opens the door one day to a police officer bearing news that her husband, Jim, has been mangled in a car accident. Rising from a black night's sleep, she wobbles to the kitchen only to find Jim very much alive, nonmangled, eating a bowl of cereal. Whew, thinks she, gnarliest dream ever. Next morning, Linda wakes to find a funeral assembly in her living room, Jim remangled, and her daughter ominously posed on a swing set, her face a Frankenstein mess of fresh scars and stitches. Where am I? Who am I? What day is it? WTF? My sister! My daughter! Wah! And so it begins, a world tied up in knots, each day darting in and out of the black hole of Jim's demise, as Linda is dragged hither and yon through space and time. You might need to watch Premonition twice to fully sort out its high jinks, though once is more than enough for all other purposes. Yet the real surprise of this chick-flick mindfuck is that once is almost worth it. It's a B-level entry in the cracked-continuity genre, a poor man's puzzle picture with a heart of gold—OK, maybe pyrite.

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