Show in a Box

Never has a mirror ball looked so lonely as the one that's smack in the middle of the Showbox's enormous ceiling. The gargantuan ex–comedy club near the Market is certainly one of Seattle's best venues for live music, even if they seldom throw the spotlight on their singular indicator of occasional disco fever (18-plus dance nights and the random superstar DJ are booked as well). Flanked by two curved, red-lit balcony bars, the venue floor during shows is a maze of bodies—good luck getting to the bathroom if you're not willing to wiggle around the perimeter. During all-ages shows, be warned: Drinkers are corralled into the balconies like off-limits lushes. There's a photo booth, somewhere, but if you're there for frequent players like Blonde Redhead or TV on the Radio, you'll just be enjoying the prime sight lines and optimum sound. While the venue is only open for shows, the attached Green Room is fully operational seven nights a week: Get on the good foot by pre-funking with its drink specials and (!!!) tater tots. On nights when the main room isn't booked, catch one of the many, mostly acoustic, local shows that grace its small stage.

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