Morrissey, Kings of Leon, !!!, Andrew Bird, and LCD Soundsystem

Kings of Leon

Venue: The Moore Theatre

Date: May 2, 2007

Would Meatface approve? Yes. He was pitied into the sold-out show.

And the hipsters? Of course. But they spent the whole day bitchin' about the band, "went home early to listen to Neil Young's Live at Massey Hall 1971," and caught the show.

Click the photo for an audio slideshow of the concert. Photos by Chris Kornelis.

By Chris Kornelis

It's all downhill from here.

Opening night of the headlining tour behind your third, and best, album: sold out, gracious crowd, and every song nailed to the rafters. It's not going to get better for the Kings of Leon.

The highlights of the evening were the new songs off Because of the Times, from the show-opener, "Black Thumbnail," to the crowd-pleasing "On Call," which had the ganja-smoking, fist-pumping audience singing along. The surprises were in the enhanced musicianship and fresh arrangements of staples, like "Spiral Staircase," from their debut, Youth and Young Manhood.Continue reading the review of Kings of Leon's set at the Moore.

Photo by Keegan Hamilton


Venue: Neumo's

Date: May 3, 2007

Would Meatface approve? Depends if he has sweat glands.

And the hipsters? They spent the whole night debating if it was better than LCD Soundsystem

By Keegan Hamilton

"Can you feel it intensify?!?!" was the closing refrain shouted by the sweaty mass. The question was no doubt rhetorical because anyone within a one-block radius of Neumo's last night simply had to feel the relentless intensity.Continue reading the review of !!!'s set at Neumo's.

Click the photo for a slideshow of the concert. All photos by Laura Musselman.

Andrew Bird

Venue: The Showbox

Date: May 5, 2007

Would Meatface approve? As an avid bird caller, Meatface appreciates whistling more than anyone.

And the hipsters? Violin is hipper than hipBy Keegan Hamilton

Just the look of him conjures the word genius. Mad genius, in fact. With a glistening oversized silver tie, a tangled mess of hair, and a violin bow dangling with broken hairs, Andrew Bird looks like he was plucked, mid-absinthe shot, from a bohemian cafe in Paris circa 1906.Continue reading the review of Andrew Bird's set at the Showbox.

Click the photo for an audio slideshow of Morrissey's set. Photos by Michael Alan Goldberg.


Venue: Paramount Theatre

Date: May, 6, 2007

Would Meatface approve? Meat Is Murder.

And the hipsters? Meat Is Murder. By Travis Ritter  After 17 years of being a fan, never have I had the pleasure to see his Mozzery in the flesh. But last night, my childhood dreams came true as Morrissey charismatically lead a beautiful, emotional, and all-encompassing set of songs from his storied and legendary career, including a couple of songs he performed with the Smiths like "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side" and "How Soon Is Now?" From The Smiths' numbers and "Everyday Is Like Sunday," "Lucky Lisp," and "Disappointed," all off the Bona Drag compilation, to "First of the Gang to Die" off You Are the Quarry to a handful of tracks off his most recent, Ringleader of the Tormentors, Morrissey covered the basics, and then some.

Click the photo for a slideshow of the concert. LCD Soundsystem

Venue:  The ShowboxDate:  May 2, 2007

By Michael Alan Goldberg

Punk-rock show—sweat, stench, fury, volume, intensity, a surging throng pinning bodies against the stage, crowd-surfing, roiling pit, honorable souls obeying the code and assholes violating it, fervor that finds the middle ground between religion and violence ...Warehouse rave— hypnotic pulse, closed-eyed euphoria, passed-out bodies carried to safety, masses laying hands and heads on strangers' shoulders and no one minding a bit, glowing faces coated with perspiration and running makeup, carefree souls dancing as one, hands in the air reaching for God or other worlds or the sounds streaming from the speakers ...Mash all of that together and you have LCD Soundsystem's unbelievably energizing, explosive, and quite often beatific (and beat-terrific) performance last night at the Showbox. 

Continue reading the review of LCD Soundsystem's set at the Showbox.

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