Our Take on Lifesavas at Chop Suey, and Peter Bjorn and John at Neumo's

Watch a slideshow of Portland hip hop, and hear live tracks from the "Young Folks."

Click the photo for a slideshow of the concert. Photos by Michael Alan Goldberg. 


Date: May 9, 2007

Venue: Chop Suey

Would Meatface approve? He fancies himself a blaxploitation hero.

And the hipsters? Eh, Lifesavas probably aren't cynical enough.

By Michael Alan Goldberg

"How many of ya'll have never heard the Lifesavas before?" MC Jumbo asked the audience at the crowded but not uncomfortably over-packed Chop Suey on Wednesday night. Only one or two hands shot up, including one guy right up front, who Jumbo pointed to, clasped hands with, and said, "Well, let's welcome him to the family" as the Portland, Ore., hip-hop trio launched into "Hellohihey," a track from their 2003 Quannum debut, Spirit in Stone.

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Peter Bjorn and John

Venue: Neumo's

Date: May 13, 2007

What: Late show.

Live audio:

Click here to listen to the band's performance of "Paris 2004" last night at Neumo's.

Click here for "Poor Cow."

By Karla Starr

"It's nice to be back," said Peter Morén, guitarist, vocalist, and harmonica player for Peter Bjorn and John. "We were just here a few hours ago," he joked. "Same venue. But different people, and that's important."

After the vamp music (a sitar heard overhead, a melody that had the tightly packed crowd huddled and asking, "Is that Young Folks?" No, it was "Sitar Folks"), PB&J took the stage to play "Roll the Credits." The next song from their breakout third album, Writer's Block, "Let's Call It Off," showcased what I love about seeing bands whose sound depends largely on the songwriting itself, rather than layers of instrumentation or pyrotechnic production. The songs were richer live, a fact no doubt buoyed by PB&J's lovable personalities, affable, English-is-definitely-their-second-language banter, and versatile talents.

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