Be Sure to Ask for a "Flaming Homer" at Moe Bar

A classic—and Aerosmith favorite—since 1991.

In the Simpsons episode titled "Flaming Moe's" (initial air date: Nov. 21, 1991), the beloved dive bar is in financial trouble. Homer decides to impart to Moe his own special drink recipe, a concoction he created after running out of beer by shaking leftover drops from many near-empty bottles of booze, including cough syrup. The mess was subsequently accidentally set aflame by Patty's cigarette ash, which Homer found to enhance the flavor, and the "Flaming Homer" was born. Moe steals it for himself, dubbing it the "Flaming Moe," and as a result, Moe's goes from hole in the wall to hot spot overnight. Our very own, newly opened Moe Bar (formerly the glass-flame friendly Bad Juju) also introduces a new cocktail menu featuring drinks incorporating the moniker like the "Coco Moe" and the "Moe-stache Special" (a PBR with a shot of Jäger or Jack). However, unlike the its animated counterpart, the drinks won't be what catapult Moe Bar into the spotty realm of successful bars. As the adjoining bar to Neumo's, one of the best, consistently booked live-music venues in town, they'll have a built-in clientele most nights of the week, ready to slam back drinks in the space that's been given a face-lift Patty and Selma would kill for. Beautiful mahogany booths line the gold-leaf-inlaid walls, and framed, hand-screened posters showcase the venue's rock history (Radiohead in 1995 at the original Moe's puts things in perspective). For those looking to sober up a bit between sets, Via Tribunali's acclaimed pizzas can be ordered, along with Belgian fries from Frites. Back in Springfield, Moe's revelation that cough syrup was the secret ingredient in a Flaming Moe caused the bar to fade back to its original status. Lucky for Seattle's Moe Bar, the formula here is pretty much infallible. 925 E. Pike St., 709-9467.

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