What's Playing: Summer's Outdoor Cinemas

June23 Fiend Without a Face A "Twisted Flick" from 1958, with Jet City Improv providing the (surely) horrifying dialogue. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

29 Breakfast at Tiffany's Bring an éclair with your lawn chair! Some Sierra with your tiara! Just kidding, but you can buy Redhook on the premises. Cinema on the Lawn.

30 Airplane! Leslie Nielsen stars in the 1980 trendsetter. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.


7 The Neverending Story Warning: Midnight movie hipsters at the Egyptian laughed when warrior child Atreyu lost his best friend. Perhaps the Fremont crowd will be kinder to this fantasy classic. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

7 Grease "Summer days, drifted away, but uh-oh, the summer—ni-i-ights." Liberty Park.

13 KEXP Contest Winner DJ Kevin Cole wants Strictly Ballroom, John Richards wants Animal House, and Cheryl Waters prefers Dazed and Confused. Vote online (cinemaonthelawn.com) for your choice. Cinema on the Lawn.

14 Happy Feet If animated penguins singing "Baby Got Back" is your thing, be our guest. Liberty Park.

14 Santa Claus It's a creepy Christmas in July at this Twisted Flick (though we're not sure if they're parodying the version from 1925, '59, or '85). Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

18 School of Rock Jack Black gets his schoolkids to wild out in this Richard Linklater comedy. Marymoor Park.

21 An Inconvenient Truth Ride your bike to this one. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

21 The Goonies Never say die! Liberty Park.

25 The Princess Bride Robin Wright Penn is stunning, Andre the Giant is awe-inspiring, and Cary Elwes is a total buffoon in this beloved, goofy romance. Marymoor Park.

27 Election In one of the funniest and most enduring teen comedies from the late '90s, Reese Witherspoon plays naughty brownnoser Tracy Flick. Cinema on the Lawn.

28 This is Spinal Tap Written by ace improv team Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, the best mock-rockumentary ever made. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

28 Best in Show Another Guest classic, this laugh riot pokes fun at people who flip out over their dogs. West Seattle Sidewalk Cinema.


1 The Devil Wears Prada Frivolous fluff about wasting away in an office full of bitches—at least you're outside! Marymoor Park.

3 The Princess Bride Watch out for the R.O.U.S. Mural Amphitheatre.

4 House of Flying Daggers Asian cinema superstars Andy Lau and Ziyi Zhang are star-crossed enemies in this visually spectacular period epic. Mural Amphitheatre.

4 Moulin Rogue Time for freaky sing-alongs with Ewan and Nicole, and some unbelievable rococo imagery from director Baz Luhrmann. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

4 E.T. A more perfect outdoor summer movie there never was. Liberty Park.

8 Back to the Future Except maybe this one (for its nostalgia value, of course). Marymoor Park.

10 Young Frankenstein From 1974, Mel Brooks' "Scariest comedy of all time!" Mural Amphitheatre.

10 Little Miss Sunshine Last year's drooled-over ensemble piece is sure to inspire a family road trip of your own. Hopefully, minus the tragedy. Cinema on the Lawn.

11 Tim Burton's Corpse Bride So proud was the director of this stop-motion monster flick that he insisted on putting his name before the title. Mural Amphitheatre.

11 Cat Women on the Moon Another Twisted Flick, with dialogue provided by the performers, via audience suggestions. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

11 School of Rock "Now raise your goblet of rock. It's a toast to those who rock!" Liberty Park.

15 The Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith plays a homeless guy-cum-millionaire. Marymoor Park.

17 Hairspray Before John Travolta mucks up Divine's role as Edna Turnblad in the upcoming remake, check out the fierce 1988 original by John Waters. Also starting Ricki Lake, Debbie Harry, and Sonny Bono! Mural Amphitheatre.

18 Moulin Rogue Love is a many splendored thing.... Mural Amphitheatre.

18 Raiders of the Lost Ark The best of the Indiana Jones franchise, from 1981. Harrison Ford = totally smokin'. Liberty Park.

18 Casino Royale Daniel Craig makes the ladies swoon in the best Bond film in years. Fremont Outdoor Cinema.

22 Monster House A favorite from SIFF '06, in which three preteens discover that their neighbor's house is, yes, a monster. Marymoor Park.

24 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me "Groovy, baby, ye-eah!" Mural Amphitheatre.

25 Casino Royale

Check out the crazy foot-chase scene incorporating French parkour stunts! Mural Amphitheatre.

25 Edward

Scissorhands Recently seen at the 5th Avenue in dance form, this is Tim Burton's best collaboration with Johnny Depp. West Seattle Sidewalk Cinema.

25 The Princess Bride

Outdoor Cinema Committees Bow to Demanding Audiences: "As... you... wish.... " Fremont

Outdoor Cinema.


1 Dreamgirls When the going gets cheesy, just remember, it's Beyoncé! And Jennifer Hudson, of course. Fremont Outdoor


8 She Demons This Twisted Flick from 1958, about a bunch of Nazis occupying a Caribbean island, gets the ad-lib treatment. Fremont

Outdoor Cinema.


Cinema on the Lawn Denny Street and Westlake Avenue, www.cinemaonthelawn.com. Open: Fridays, June 29–Aug. 10.

Fremont Outdoor Cinema North 35th Street and Phinney Avenue North, 781-4230, www.fremontoutdoormovies.com. $5. Open: Saturdays, June 23–Sept. 8.

First Tech Movies at Marymoor Park 6064 W. Lake Sammamish Pkwy. N.E., Redmond, 425-205-3661, www.metrokc.gov/parks/. Open: Wednesdays, July 11–Aug. 29.

Movies at the Mural Mural Amphitheatre, Seattle Center, 305 Harrison St., 684-7200, www.seattlecenter.com. Open: Saturdays and Sundays, Aug. 3–25.

Outdoor Cinema at Liberty Park 100 Park Ave. N., Renton, 425-430-6700. Open: Saturdays, July 7–Aug. 18.

Redhook Moonlight Cinema 14300 N.E. 145th St., Woodinville, 425-483-3232, www.redhook.com. Open: Thursdays, starting July 19.

West Seattle Sidewalk Cinema Location TBD. See Web site: www.sidewalkcinema.com. Open: Saturdays, July 21–Aug. 25.

Blue Fox Drive-In One screen, FM broadcast, Slush Puppies; opens at 6 p.m., movies at 9:15. 1403 Monroe Landing Rd., Oak Harbor (Whidbey Island), 360-675-5667, www.bluefoxdrivein.com. $6 per person, under 11 free. Open: Friday–Sunday.

Puget Park Drive-In One screen, double features, FM broadcast; opens at 8 p.m., shows start at dusk. 13020 Meridian Ave. S., Everett, 425-338-5957, sterlingrealty.com/drivein.asp. $3.50–$8.50 per person. Open: May through mid-September.

Rodeo Triple Drive-In Three screens, double features, FM broadcast. 7369 state Route 3 W., Port Orchard, 360-698-6030, www.rodeodrivein.com. $7.50 per person, $5 12 and under. Open: April–October.

Skyline Drive-In One screen, double features, AM broadcast; opens at 8 p.m., shows at 9. 182 S.E. Brewer Rd., Shelton, 360-426-4707, www.skylinedrive-in.com. $6 per person, under 11 free. Open: daily, April–September.

Valley 6 Drive-In Six screens, AM broadcast, cash only; opens at 8 p.m., shows at dusk. 401 49th St. N.E., Auburn, 253-854-1250, www.valleydriveins.com. $4–$7 per person. Open: March–October.

Wheel In Motor Movie One screen, FM broadcast; opens at 8 p.m., shows at dusk. 210 Theatre Rd., Port Townsend, 360-385-0859, www.rodeodrivein.com/wheelin. Open: Wednesday–Sunday, April–October.

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