$13 Satisfies at Commuter Comforts Cafe & Wine Bar

A new series about eating for 13 bills.

This isn't a destination location. This is a place where faux Seattleites like myself get their last sip of the city before "sailing" back to the land of Navy (Bremerton) and oppressed hippies (Bainbridge).The cramped, immensely popular, waterfront spot is so busy during peak commuter times (3 to 6 p.m.-ish) that you're very likely to (gasp!) share a table while mowing through your happy-hour-era snacks, sans the two-for-ones and half-priced beer. The service is consistently impressive, and the staff is savvy to the quick-beer-before-the ferry-leaves lifestyle.

You'll find familiar handles, like Mac & Jacks and occasionally Pabst. Hood Canal Brewery's Big Beef Oatmeal Stout caught my eye. Yeah, it's June, and I should be sipping something a bit more tuned to the season, but I like to drink beer that comes from the direction that I'm headed. More than a convenient location for after-school snacks of the adult variety variety — Italian press sandwiches, wings, wine, burgers — I have it on good authority that Commuter Comforts is also a choice spot to pick up a phone number or two. When I was single, the location was occupied by a Starbucks, so I have no personal experience with the above-mentioned perk, but it makes sense.

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