$13 Is Decadent At Dahlia Bakery

A new series about eating for 13 bills.

I don't know too much about Tom Douglas' dining establishments, just that he has a lot of them, and they're fancy. I once had the $12 burger at Palace Kitchen, back when I didn't have a job, and it felt like the most extravagant thing in the world. Ditto for the $2 cookies I'd buy from time to time when interning at the Vera Project, which used to be across the street from Douglas' Dahlia Lounge & Bakery. I'm certain the future residents of the blingtastic Escala condos (going up where Vera was) will enjoy the bakery, and not have any issues about forking out for sugar at a buck per bite. Nearby Sub Pop Records likes it, too—General Manager Megan Jasper and two of her colleagues arrived at one of the cute, round outdoor tables (decorated with bright red flowerpots) just as my colleague and I left with our box o' sweets. Back at the office, it took a surprisingly long time for the vultures to tear into our midday gifts. Is the warm weather taking away even our cravings for chocolate? A few thoughts: "I like the lime thingy best." "I'm not loving it." (the fig bar)"The tart, hands down!" quot;That chocolate cookie is amazing." I second that—along with bites of the cheesecake and coconut cream pie, I think I'm set for sweets all week. I'm surprised at how much we got for our money. Last week I bought two mini-cakes at Belle Epicurean, on the other end of Fourth, which cost about the same. Overall, I'd definitely suggest a box of assorted Dahlia goods next time you want to impress your co-workers. They surely aren't as jaded as mine. :)

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