Justin Deary of Whalebones’ Wizard Gator Sweet Potater Tacos with Hexa Fresh Guacamole

Ingredients:2 big yams or sweet potatoes.1 large red onion1 bell pepper; any color will do but green looks good.1 bunch cilantroA hunk of cotija cheese. 1 can black beans1 container of delicious green salsa. Be sure to get enough for pre-funk snackin'.Soft corn tortillas6 limes4–6 avocados1 bulb of garlicPlenty of saltChili powder A few strawberries1 bag of corn chipsMexican hot sauce like Tapatio or ValentinaSomething exciting to drink (Mexican beer is first choice)


1. Chop red onion. Throw it in a well-oiled frying pan on medium-high heat.

2. Chop sweet potatoes into cubic inches. Throw 'em in the pan after the onions are good and cookin'. When the taters start sizzlin', add chopped bell pepper.

3. At this point, you're gonna wanna start on the guacamole. Get all that yummy avocado into a big mixing bowl and mash it up with the juice of four limes. Don't skimp on the lime and don't let the taters burn.

4. Chop up four cloves of garlic.

5. Chop up half of the bunch of cilantro and throw 'er in that bowl along with the garlic. Mix it all around and add salt and more lime to taste. Cut up the strawberries and throw 'em in, too. Damn that's good! If not, add more lime.

6. Now bust up some of that cheese and put it in a bowl. Heat up the beans.

7. How are your taters doin'? How's about throwin' in five or six chopped-up cloves of garlic. Add a bunch of salt and spicy seasoning(s) of your choice—chili powder or paprika will do. I like to add water when the oil gets scarce. Steam is natural and healthy. Al dente isn't really the goal here, so make sure the whole pan is just about the same texture, and that means cooked to mushy softness.

8. Get the corn tortillas nice and warm and soft. You can steam them or wrap them in a small, clean towel and microwave for about 30 seconds or until satisfactory.

9. Now you're ready to create oral paradise. Some folks like buffet style, but if you have the space, a proper pass around the dinner table is most conducive to fostering the family vibe. Drop little scoops of beans, taters, cheese, and guac into a tortilla. Add salsa, chopped cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and a few drops of hot sauce. Raise your can of lime-fortified Mexican beer and have a toast to friends.

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