Luke Temple + Laura Gibson

Tuesday, July 17

Unlike so many migraine-inducing bands that compensate for lack of substance with too much attitude, the music of Laura Gibson and Luke Temple will not demand your attention but will ask for it gently. Their songs are charming without being precious; their songwriting is complex but tasteful. Portland-based Laura Gibson plays sincere folk songs, reminiscent of lo-fi cassette compilations and dusky summer afternoons. Luke Temple, a recent emigrant from Seattle to Brooklyn, will be playing songs from his latest album, Snow Beast, which he’s described as a more synth-based sound than the earlier, folk-pop Hold a Match to a Gasoline World. These NPR folkies breathe new life into the often tired singer-songwriter form by realizing the power of solid songwriting elevated by acoustic and electronic arrangements, the result being more than the sum of the parts.

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