Carly Nicklaus Cuts Hair to Keep Rockin'

Payin' the bills with Seattle's musicians.

Carly Nicklaus is one busy, bewitching babe. Between her duties recording and vamping it up with local bands the Catch and United States of Electronica, she manages to rock the locks of more than a few of her peers in her offstage role as a hairstylist for the politically progressive salon VAIN. "I've been doing hair professionally since 2000," says Nicklaus. "My mom did hair when I was a little girl, so I grew up cutting my friends' hair and my own. I've always enjoyed it." In addition to high-profile band leaders such as Ryann Donnelly from Schoolyard Heroes and Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard, Nicklaus also is on tress-taming duty for members of the Long Winters, the Lashes, Ms. Led, Aqueduct, and Siren Sister. "I like to do all kinds of hair, really," she says when I ask her what her signature style is. "I enjoy the variety. I'm good at color corrections, hair cuts that grow out well, pop star hair, rock 'n' roll hair." Aside from the simple satisfaction of paying her bills using another set of creative skills, Nicklaus appreciates the fact that VAIN's punk-minded proprietress, Victoria Gentry, is supportive of the demands of a musician's schedule. "The company has always supported me as a musician, allowing me to leave on tour and move around my schedule for shows." She admits she is currently obsessed with the classic bob ("I like Rihanna's") and thinks she could do a good job giving Britney a makeover, and she doesn't hesitate when I ask her which musicians have the best hair. "The Lashes, of course—and my bandmates."

Day Job takes a look at how musicians pay the rent.

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