Borchert's Insane and Kauffman's Taste Is Wack

No surprises there.

Enraged Mahler Fan

DEAR GAVIN BORCHERT: Are you insane? Your description of this Mahler symphony ["Marathon Match," July 4] shows a profound ignorance of what it's about, and Mahler's motivation in writing it. You complain that "the music keeps interrupting itself," but that is, in fact, his accurate interpretation of nature, the theme of this movement. Unfortunately, some reviewers like yourself don't have the musical understanding to relate to Mahler. Your comments show you to be too shallow. I can recommend several books to help with your attempts at musicology. In the future, however, you might confine yourself to Mozart and other "simple" composers.Richard Plinz

Queensland, Australia

Kauffman Rave = Avoid

DEAR EDITOR: Regarding Jonathan Kauffman's review of Betty ["Dependable Dame," July 4], thank goodness you got a young reviewer whose tastes are just opposite mine. Now I can just read his reviews and avoid all the places he likes.Leonard Plodzien


Feds Fail to Prosecute

DEAR EDITOR: Your cover story on guest workers ["Bitter Harvest," June 27] stated: "To date there has only been one well-publicized case—that of a group of Thais brought to work in North Carolina and Louisiana—where guest worker abuse was prosecuted as human trafficking."

I am the attorney on that case and wanted to make one correction. Our Thai clients' case has never been prosecuted by any government agency as human trafficking. We have reported the case to several federal agencies, and some have investigated, but none have yet prosecuted, despite passport confiscations, threats, heavy debt, enforced isolation, and display of guns.

We have brought a civil suit making claims for human trafficking. And we filed for, and received, "T-visas" for the clients—a visa available for victims of human trafficking.

We thank you for highlighting the many problems with the guest worker program. We hope that federal agencies will recognize that guest workers often labor under physical and psychological coercion.Katharine Woomer-Deters

Legal Aid of North Carolina– Farmworker Unit

Raleigh, NC

"Mexican" a Waste of ink

DEAR EDITOR: How in any way would these articles ["¡Ask a Mexican!"] be considered newsworthy? They are blatantly racist. As a white woman who works with many Latinos, I find this extremely offensive. These articles perpetuate a stereotypical view of a certain culture and encourage rampant racism. Please don't waste any more paper and ink on this trash.Satilla Moulton


The editor responds: We took your advice this week. He's Web-only.

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