Bite of Seattle


It’s Bumbershoot without the music, Folklife without the street fair—stripped down to the basics, it’s the real reason Seattleites come to Seattle Center events: food. Okay, so the Bite of Seattle does have live music, too, but for 26 years they’ve made it possible to get your shish kebab of chocolate-covered strawberries without having to go all the way to Safeco Field, to buy that mango lemonade you yearn for all year without having to pay $25 to get into Bumbershoot, and to buy your overstuffed, saucy grilled lamb gyro without having to fight the crowds of war protesters giving out “free hugs” at Folklife. The Bite is for hardcore foodies, those ready to try it all from the deep-fried to the divine; those willing to sit by the fountain balancing plates of grub from three different continents at the same time. For the less-practiced Biter who needs time to digest in between stuffing their face with delicacies from over 60 local restaurants, Seattle celebrity chefs Carol Dearth and Tom Douglas will host fellow chefs in cooking demos with a game show twist in the Alki Courtyard.

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