Boxers or briefs? Golden Girls or Designing Women? Pet Shop Boys or Erasure? Not that you couldn’t be a fan of two British synth-based gay-sensibility touch-of-camp dance-pop duos at once, but they seem to have divided up the niche neatly between themselves. PSB’s lyrics and attitude are (generalization alert) a bit more wry and detached, songs about the life (q.v. “Left to My Own Devices”), E’s are tremblingly emotional, songs about the heart (q.v. “Drama!”); PSB’s music sweeping and orchestral, E’s clean and fizzy. The tracks on Light at the End of the World, the latter’s latest, are giddily catchy (“Sucker for Love” almost ludicrously so)—summer beach music, the aural equivalent of the wine-and-sparkling-water quaff Aja mentioned in her recipe column last week. Yet Andy Bell and Vince Clarke wrap their perky tunes around lyrics like this: “When a lover leaves you/Cuts you without knowing/The world just falls apart beneath your feet/talk is cheap and useless.” Hmmm.

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