Sunday, July 22

That supervixen frontwoman Stephanie Smith cites both Olivia Newton-John and Jesus Lizard as influences is reason alone for some of us to embrace Kleveland’s brand of bratty and ballsy bar-room rock. However, if you need a less schizophrenic endorsement, look no further than the fact that they’re signed to Pampelmoose, the influential Portland-based label and Webzine founded by Gang of Four’s Dave Allen and home to other rising PDX stars like Wet Confetti. Despite the proximity to Seattle, Kleveland doesn’t make it up here too often, and the added bonus that this show is also an afternoon barbecue on the sunny patio of the Funhouse makes it a must-see for good-humored punks.

Listen to a sample of Kleveland's "Johnny is a Klepto."

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