MonoLodge II


In this follow-up to the Unicycle Collective’s January debut production, eight actors will offer original solo work. Founding members Keith Hitchcock, Mary Purdy, and Seth Rosenbloom are joined by Gabriel Baron, Norman Bell, Mark Boeker, Vanessa DeWolf, and Erin Stewart in a sequence of vignettes branded by eccentricity. In a tizzy of unruly character portraits that could deftly people a Camus novel, Hitchcock kicks off the evening with Electricky, a Keaton-esque comedy (Buster, not Diane) about a man’s fascination with flowing electrons. In 40 Things, Rosenbloom exhibits a talent that bartenders everywhere would appreciate: the ability to summarize 40 years of life in 40 succinct lines. NYC veteran Purdy will battle her demons as The Vain Hydrophobe at a Beach Party, while Bell will probably lose his mind in Think (and demand that the audience give it back). Upcoming Bumbershoot player Boeker (fresh from his success with Another Jackass Tries a One-Man Show) will premiere Lucky Day, in which he dons the skin of a “dumpster-diving homeless birthday boy.” Definitely more brassy than classy, Unicycle’s sophomore show will be nevertheless snooze-proof.

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