Sequim Lavender Fest


Despite popular thought, there is more than one Seattle-area festival full of hippies celebrating an herb. Chances are, if you know how to pronounce Sequim, you’ve probably been there, and if you’ve been there, you know they don’t take their herb of choice lightly. Sequim is the Lavender Capital of North America, and its 11th annual Lavender Festival is happening this weekend. Those with sensitive shnozzes might want to keep their distance, as the pungent purple perfume might overwhelm anyone not fully enjoying the relaxing haze it inspires, but those undaunted by the idea of being bussed to dozens of identical-looking fields of amethyst against the backdrop of the Olympic Mountains will be in nature-inspired ecstasy. (Buttons good for all eight farm tours are $15.) And anyone needing a bit more stimulation won’t be disappointed either. Each farm tries to put its own stamp on the stuff, resulting in myriad ways to get your fix: lavender cheesecake, lavender–black currant champagne, lavender prawns, even lavender gelato. Add on a street fair, live music, and a Barn Dance & Hoedown on Saturday night, and you won’t ever want to leave this valley paradise. Pick some lavender up in bulk to bring the party home with you—which should last you at least until Hempfest.

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