Hank Williams III

Saturday, July 28

Country legend Hank Williams dropped a tear in his beer. Hank Junior got you ready for some football. And Shelton Hank Williams, or simply Hank III? Well, as the song goes, he put “the dick in Dixie and the cunt back in country.” A total fucking badass in the best, truest sense of the word, the skinny 34-year-old—who, tattoos aside, looks so much like his gramps it’s scary—has spent his career giving the middle finger to the country music establishment and anyone who thinks he should carry on the family name with decorum. He’s played bass in Superjoint Ritual alongside Pantera’s Phil Anselmo, toured with G.G. Allin’s Murder Junkies, and delivered snarling solo albums packed with cowpunk, hillbilly rock, and straight-up metal. Expect a collision of all three styles when III rolls into town with his backing band, Assjack.

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