Twin Peaks Fest


The log lady lives forever, and she (Catherine Coulson) might even be one of the surprise guests at this 15th-annual event, here centered around a screening of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on a new 35mm print. That 1992 prologue to David Lynch’s two-season TV enigma didn’t exactly resolve every unanswered question from the series, but it surely helped foster Seattle’s thriving Twin Peaks cult (which extends, of course, all the way to North Bend, where part of the show was shot). Yakima’s Kyle MacLachlan, Kiefer Sutherland, and Chris Isaak are the FBI investigators who essentially prepare the ground for the “Who killed Laura Palmer?” conundrum that follows. Somewhat more helpful to fans may be the following screening of the documentary Lynch II by Jason Scheunemann, who worked as an assistant to the director on Mulholland Drive and also did fly-on-the-wall filming during Inland Empire. Which, come to think of it, might just make a great TV show! You can discuss the idea over pie and coffee. (Tickets also available from Scarecrow Video, 524-8554.)

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