Michael "Jaws" Jaworski Is a Cop, Runs Mt. Fuji, Takes Aim at Bono

He's been in the music biz since his high-school bonfire.

"Somewhere out there, someone busier than you is running," chides the giant window display in the Nike store downtown. Michael "Jaws" Jaworski likely isn't running right now, but there's a good chance he's a whole heck of a lot busier than most people. The man's latest endeavor has him taking over Kwab Copeland's booking duties at Ballard's Sunset Tavern. But that's just the cherry on top of a mountain of music mania. From record stores to labels, this Cop has his hands on more doughnuts than Dunkin'.

Please give us an idea of what it is you do for the Sunset and beyond.

I'm currently working on building my music mafia empire in Seattle and LasVegas. I primarily sing and play guitar in the Cops. I also book the Sunset in Ballard, run a little record label called Mt. Fuji Records, work at Sonic Boom Records, and sling strong drinks at Al's in Wallingford.

Where did you grow up?

Omaha, Neb., baby. Shout out t o my Dundee Omaha crew.

What made you gravitate toward working in music?

I don't really work in music. It just kinda works in me. It's in my blood.

How did you come to book the Sunset?

I lost a bet with (Sunset owner) Max Genereaux. Good fortune, I guess.

What was your first job in music?

At my high-school bonfire, rocking with my band, Suddenly Autumn. We slayed.

What was the first record that really struck you and why?

This is a hard question. It's really a toss-up between New Day Rising by Hüsker Du or Let It Be by the Replacements. I'm going to say the Replacements Let It Be wins. Paul Westerberg is more punk rock than any of you fuckers.

What do you look for in a band you want to book?

I like to book cool and interesting bands that write great songs and put on a killer live show. It's a definite bonus if they bring out a drinking crowd. I like it when the bartenders make big tips.

What are a few favorite shows you've booked so far and why?

Well, I just started, but I already have a few favorites. I was super stoked about Trashy Trash Night with DJ Same DNA and the Fast Friends UK. Also, stoked about the Richard Pinhas Trio, featuring members of prog-rock legends Magma. I'm really looking forward to Parts & Labor and booking your next awesome band that will totally change the world.

What direction do you see the Sunset heading in under your guidance?

Less Ballard, more Tokyo.

If you had to be a member of any fan club, whose would it be?

I've been a member of the Kiss Army since 1977.

What's your favorite thing to eat late-night?

My girlfriend and I like to eat soy ice cream with the flavors of chocolate and peanut butter involved.

What is your five-year plan?

The Cops make five hit records and buy a jet. I have residences in N.Y.C., Paris, and Seattle. I overtake Bono as the rock 'n' roll spokesperson for positive change in the world.

Top five records to listen to while . . . "Planning to overthrow the government":

Lungfish, Love Is Love.

Ethiopiques, Vol. 4.

Clark, Body Riddle.

Spoon, Series of Sneaks.

Nico, Chelsea Girl.


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