Fourth Annual Seattle Dance-Off


With routines reminiscent of the awkward choreography from Fatboy Slim’s Torrance Community Dancers, the dance teams competing in the Seattle Dance-Off bring forth the best of Seattle’s worst. Sister organizers Alexa and Vanessa Resler created the event after a joke argument with friends over who were the best dancers. None of them were, but with three teams in front of a crowd of 30 friends, the Seattle Dance-Off was born. This year, seven leg-warmer-clad teams, touted by the sisters as “untrained, crappy, or all-around awesomely bad dancers,” will entertain an audience of 200-plus, who vote to determine the winners and then get to join the fun in an all-night dance party. Themed teams, such as last year’s winner National Pleasure (who re-enact historical events through dance), have become popular, with some groups preparing four months in advance for this night. Sound ridiculous? Consider the source: these sisters are so serious about their bets that one forced Alexa to perm her hair into an afro and Vanessa’s middle name is now legally “Nippletweaker.” Awesome.

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