Friday, August 3–Sunday, August 5

Imagine my surprise when I was flipping through the pages of Seattle Weekly and saw, in big bold letters, an ad claiming “SeafaiRocks!” Mmm, I thought, it’s all right. Mostly it just means having your heart rate increase at the sound of fighter jets skimming your rooftop. But it certainly doesn’t rock. But then I looked closer at the schedule. The Young Fresh Fellows. The Blakes. The Hands. Patient Patient. The Purrs. Head Like A Kite. All playing throughout the three days and nights of Seattle’s loudest celebration. But most important . . . they have Mudhoney. Man, back where I’m from, we were lucky if Joe Grushecky & the Iron City Houserockers played Pittsburgh’s dumb city pride fest. Imagine the irony of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flying around in all their militaristic glory, and then having Mudhoney play “Hard-On for War.” Seattle, you are the luckiest city on the planet.

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