The Flying Dutchman


Seattle Opera’s worldwide reputation is based largely on their devotion to, and success with, Wagner. Of his 13 operas, ten are in the standard repertory; Dutchman is the earliest, the tale of a cursed seaman forced to sail the oceans forever until he finds a woman willing to be faithful to him until death—since this is Wagner and that’s what women do, sacrifice themselves for a man’s redemption. In this case, it’ll be clarion soprano Jane Eaglen, with the Dutchman sung by Greer Grimsley, charismatic in SO productions as villains (Scarpia), heroes (Wotan), and guys in between (Puccini’s smoldering Sheriff Jack Rance in Girl of the Golden West). Plus there’ll be barrel-chested men’s choruses and the Seattle Symphony storing and thundering under the baton of Asher Fisch.

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