The Rentals

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In 1994, then-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp formed his Rentals side-project, and the following year, damn near everybody was singing “a-woo-oo-oo.” “Friends of P” was the first and best single from Return of the Rentals (but where’d they gone?), and it reached #7 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart. With its Moog-dominated sound, Return could be viewed as the new-wave companion piece to Weezer’s Blue Album, and as an affirming bridge between your love of “alternative” and your creeping fondness for New Order and Duran Duran (‘80s revival stations were making their first headway at the time). After disappearing, then trying out life as a solo troubadour, Sharp returned last year with a re-formed Rentals (including that dog.’s Rachel Haden, and Lauren Chipman, Sara Radle, Dan Joeright, and Ben Pringle), who toured playing mostly old material. A new album’s out this fall, and their Last Little Life EP arrives August 18th with three new songs and a re-worked “Sweetness and Tenderness.” Eh, they should have left well enough alone, but the new ditties show the Rentals are still very capable of making us hum along to their tune. “Because you are my fate and I love you!” With Copeland and Goldenboy.

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