Washington Renaissance Faire

Time Travel

Looking to add a little fantasy to your bland summer? When was the last time you visited the court of Mary, Queen of Scots; had to defend your pint of ale from marauding pirates; and were still adroit enough steal a kiss from a winsome wench while your date was distracted by the spectacle of the pyro-juggler setting himself alight? (Outside of a book or that comfy square foot allotted to you at the movie theater, that is?) For those brave enough, 10 acres of 16th-century Scotland are being resurrected for the tenth time in Gig Harbor—a chance to embrace that time and place without the danger of dysentery. Though even the most stalwart among us may cringe at the thought of being trussed up in a corset, everyone is invited to witness the equestrian feats of the Cavallo troupe, a family of Italian acrobats who’ve perfected their craft on horseback over eight generations. They are far from the only draw, with dozens of performers and musicians arriving for a festival which draws 80,000 visitors a year.

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