Catch a Falling Star

Outer Space

Summer puts stars in everyone’s eyes—all of Seattle is out and about, soaking up both sunshine and the flirtatious glances of fellow city dwellers. When the sun sinks below the horizon, though, resist the urge to shuttle your summer love into the confines of a bar, for tonight offers the summer’s best reason to get ‘em alone in the dark. Every August, the Earth sweeps through a stream of icy dust left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle. As this debris hits the Earth’s atmosphere, it burns up in magnificent fireballs that streak across the sky—what we call shooting stars. Woo that handsome stranger with your knowledge of the skies, then lure them to the darkest open space you can find. Drive out beyond city lights for the best view, or head to one of Seattle’s fabulous make-out spots: the unfinished overpass near the Arboretum, Magnuson Park, or the shores of Lake Washington. Visit or for more information. 11 p.m. until dawn.

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