Gill Landry

Sunday, August 12

God made a good decision in putting Gill Landry in the wrong decade. After all, how many men nowadays can pull off black-and-white photos posing with manual typewriters and flasks in darkened alleys without seeming contrived? Be compared to Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen types yet defy definition? The answer is: not many. Gill’s played banjo and guitar for the Old Crow Medicine Show. He’s lent his skills on harmonica and guitar to albums with titles like The Ballad of Lawless Soirez and sung about being young on Cemetery Road without a hint of sepia-toned irony. Who would be Jack Kerouac’s favorite singer if that poet were alive today? Who is from New Orleans and can craft albums that act as perfect accompaniments to bottles of whiskey? The answer is: Gill Landry. With Yard Dogs Road Show.

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