Juhu Beach + Birthday Suits + Madraso + Division of Planes

Friday, August 10

If you love smartly constructed, angularly skewed, and brightly toned punk rock, then there’s really nowhere else you should be tonight. Minneapolis duo Birthday Suits is an exhilarating treat, replete with spiky, melodic guitar, merciless drumming, and charismatic vocals that are both anguished and amused—the sort of music that conjures the best elements of early No Means No and Steel Pole Bathtub. Locals Juhu Beach and Madraso continue to fine-tune their like-minded take on densely woven, hook-heavy indie rock, and Brooklyn-based trio Division of Planes are ideal openers, merrily wielding that brutal brand of muscular math rock that always pleases the ears of any die-hard Drive Like Jehu fan.

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