Is Fionn Regan Really That Bad?

And other notes from recent shows.

Fionn Regan & Death Vessel

July 31, 2007

Sunset Tavern

Better Than: EzraBy Mike Seely

Fionn Regan's music is like oatmeal. It's probably good for you, but does very little on a sensory level. That Regan has been nominated for this year's Mercury Prize is more of a comment on the perpetually lame state of British pop music than a confirmation of his talent. But that hasn't stopped scores of critics from lavishing praise on his album, The End of History, presumably because Regan is perceived as the U.K. resurrection of vintage Bob Dylan. Hogwash: To this listener's ears, history rarely evolves beyond the level of technically proficient yet utterly disposable massage-therapy folk.

In concert last night at the Sunset, Regan was equally bland, so much so that I walked out after a half-dozen songs (if the last half of his set somehow caught fire—and I'm not sure how that would be possible—I stand corrected). He performed his first number sans amplification to shut up a back-table cadre of parrots, a move that came off as more pretentious than heroic. All of this, combined with his straight-banged mop top and elfin stature, motivated me to dub him "Frodo Doucheboggins," while my friend Brad commented that Regan looks like "the spit and image of Peter Noone."

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Click the photo for a slide show of Page Frnace and Throw Me the Statue. Photos and review by T.J. Tranchell

Page France, Throw Me the Statue

August 4, 2007

Crocodile Cafe

Better than: Knowing you've seen a band but not remembering anything about it.

Local group Throw Me the Statue all look like they just woke up. The keyboardist seems to yawn his vocals, and the bassist looks like he spent all night at a punk show. The frontman, on the other hand, looks like he's been awake long enough to have had a cup of java and a bowl of Cheerios. Just not long enough to shave. Don't let looks fool you. These guys can play.

TMTS played a set of cheery tunes that never went overboard into sappiness, and they never lost focus on having a good time. They may not quite be ready for anyone outside Seattle yet, but if they keep up what they are doing, outside recognition won't be far behind.

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