CAIR Project


Many women feel that their choice to have an abortion is safe as long as Roe v. Wade remains intact, but the frightening truth is that reproductive rights are quietly being eroded through less obvious avenues, including impractical and dangerous parental consent laws, purposely burdensome waiting periods, and increasingly complex licensing regulations for healthcare providers. One of the most insurmountable obstacles to access is simple economics, which is why organizations like the CAIR (Community Abortion Information Resource) Project are so vital. The CAIR Project is a Seattle-based nonprofit that fights passionately to empower low-income women to make the healthcare choices they deserve, including offering direct financial assistance in the form of grants for abortion services. Tonight’s happy-hour benefit at the Alibi directly supports that admirable and essential mission. As CAIR Board President Tiffany Devoy succinctly observes, “Got $500? Neither do most women who need an abortion. Until we get us some regime change, we need the CAIR Project to continue saving the day for Northwest women in need.”

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