House of the Unholy


I suppose that the club floor after an Orchestra L’Pow night is littered with inhalers. Why, you ask? Because it’s a good guess that the combination of richer-than-molasses brass solos and skimpier-than-fig leaves costumes leaves audiences breathless. Though the band includes a deep baritone (Kaleb Hagen-Kerr) alongside some bang-up lounge musicians, the show is unabashedly all about the ladies. Seattle burlesque legend and L’Pow headliner the Swedish Housewife is joined by a troupe of sultry women—Miss Indigo Blue, Babette La Fave, Lily Verlaine, and imported NYC teaser Jo Boobs—who can twirl a parasol and simultaneously drop their drawers with the greatest of ease. Tonight L’Pow is taking on a heavy metal vibe to accompany an entire evening of Led Zeppelin burlesque. An opportunity to see the dancers beseeching the audience to “[s]queeze me, babe, ‘til the juice runs down my leg” is not to be taken lightly.

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