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As a kid, the Burke Museum was a place of wonder and excitement. Going there usually meant a field trip of some sort, which included a special field trip lunch (with soda!). And now every time I pass the place, nestled among the green of UW’s gorgeous campus, that excitement takes hold again. There’s no reason the on-site learning should stop when field trips do, especially with the Burke offering up events like this weekend’s Native Arts Celebration. Part of the current exhibit, In the Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Native Art (through Sept. 3), the two-day throw-down goes far beyond viewing ancient crafts behind glass. This one is hands- and eyes-on, imparting knowledge through featured guests and demonstrations: Watch the mysteries of kayaks, carvings, weavings and traditional drum creation fall away as native artists craft them live. Take in a traditional dance performance and hear ancient tales brought to life by expert storytellers. There’s so much stimulation, you’ll forget you’re learning. Almost like a field trip—only this time you don’t need a permission slip to go, and you can drink as much soda as you please.

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