Battle Hymns

Wednesday, August 22

Seattle’s Battle Hymns, formerly known as the Western States, are just about as regional as you can get in this part of the country. Their forthcoming debut album, Hidden Reservations, is based around the gray history of the white man overthrowing Native Americans and stripping them of all but a few small patches of land in some of the state’s most remote regions, and additionally nods to their spiritual purpose. Vocally, singer/guitarist Cameron Elliott is a mesh of Bill Callahan, Silver Jews’ David Berman, and the Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle, steeped in helpless protest. All the while, Battle Hymns’ music lays into the dark side of the rocky heartland with dour anthems, noisy refrains, and a somewhat hopeful resolve. I’m excited to see how far Battle Hymns can extend this bit of regional sanctity. With Junkmail and Bedroom Walls.

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