Saturday, August 25

Legendary local photographer Charles Peterson offers this opinion about the nature of so-called grunge bands in Hype, the 1996 documentary about this city’s unwanted moment in the sun: “There was this aesthetic of dumb about the Seattle scene . . . that the music wasn’t stupid, but it was dumb.” Indeed, this is an astute observation about a time when local artists enjoyed operating without microscopic examination by parasitic press or bored scenesters. It’s also one of many reasons people are eager to see them back on the Crocodile stage for two nights. Besides, someone’s gotta teach the youngsters that Cat Butt was much more than the inspiration for a series of refrigerator magnets. With Blood Circus, Cat Butt, Swallow, Coffin Break, Love Battery, Snow Bud & the Flower People, Valis, Lamar, F-Holes, and Mos Generator.

Sat., Aug. 25, 3 p.m.

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